The Second Half

I have been very bummed about running since the half a couple of weeks ago. But the desire to run again has come back this week. I have been getting back into my other exercise programs since the half too. I had backed off of my main exercise (Tae-Bo) to dedicate to the running in preparation for the Indy Mini.

I now have my next half to train for. This will be the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon on the weekend of October 7 and 8. This will be a “virtual” race. We will all either run an official half during that weekend, or we will map out a course and run it on our own. Very much like I did the Indy event.

Join us for the race. You don’t have to be a listener to the Phedippidations Podcast to participate. One of the goals is to get new runners involved. As time goes on, the race directors will have training programs available. They will offer registration so you will be assigned a number, there are even plans for t-shirts for the event.

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