The Half Marathon

I did great!

After mile 10 I just really ran out of juice. I ran fine, a little off of my goal pace. I had wanted to run 10 minute miles. That was a little unrealistic, but a goal none the less. I ended up with a final pace of 11:20 per mile. I guess I did not get the rest that I needed the few days before the race. We had been running around trying to get a move going. Paint, load boxes, drive across town a million times. All of that led to a severe deficit in the rest department. Though I never felt like I pushed myself in the cardiovascular or pulmonary areas of my physiology, I just hit a point where my body did not want to go any more. Like I had used up my batteries.

But, I was still happy with the result of finishing it. My final time was 2 hours 29 minutes exactly. So now I have a goal for my next half.

Only 2 injuries. I guess my feet did not like the shoes for that distance. Though I have only logged 200 miles on these shoes, they were pretty worn before I started running in them. One of my toes will probably lose its nail soon. I am not sure why, but it was like my foot was suddenly 2 inches longer and I was banging against the front of the shoe for quite a bit of the race. And, on the same foot, I have a spot where my shoe rubbed a bruise on my ankle. It took 4 days before I could put those shoes on again without serious pain.

Then the move. Wow, what an event. Not so bad if that is all you are doing. But training, race and move has just worn me out. I think now, one week later, I am finally catching up on my sleep. I have been getting several more hours of sleep this week than normal. I just cannot stay up too long at night, my body is crying for rest. Getting better now.

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