Catching up to last year

I have been looking at my running log from last year and have been a bit disappointed in one aspect. I had hoped to run 100 to 200 miles more this year than last year. But, going into my half marathon training this summer, I realized that I was behind even just keeping up with last years miles. I don’t remember how many miles I was behind, but it was not more than 50. I knew that if I stayed on pace through my training, and pushed just a bit more that I could catch up. Now I am fewer than 20 miles behind last year.

Last year I was helped in the higher mileage early in the year because I ran two half marathons. The training schedule early in the year kept my mileage up. This year I only had the one half marathon. Which is actually encouraging. I know that I have put in the miles even though I did not have a specific training plan pushing me to do the work.

This week I have really been able to bank some extra miles. I have not done a run longer than 5 miles since my half marathon, but I have stayed on the road better after the race than I did a year ago. This week I have run 3 days and plan to run 2 more. Last year during this week I only ran twice.

I will leave town on a trip next Tuesday. If I can run a few days while I am gone, I may make up the mileage difference before the start of December. Then I will just have to run more often than I did last year (or longer) and I will at least run a few more miles than in 2006. As a new runner, I would think that I can add more miles each year for a few more years to come.

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  1. I don’t have the exact numbers but my miles are all over the places as well. Last year was the highest mileage year and I only ran 1 marathon. I was much more consistent though. This year with my plural rub, it will be less. I will be breaking 500 miles this weekend, so I might hit 550 by the end of the year.

  2. I am sitting at 494 for the year. By Saturday I should be stepping over the 500 mark.

    The end of last year was 580 something. All I need to do is run an average month this month and next and I should easily hit that. Maybe I should make a new goal of 600 for the year. That won’t be too hard to get.

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