Severe Weather Alert — Need to Raid Local Stores

winter-storm-advisoryWe are under a severe weather alert for our area of East Tennessee. We could get several inches of snow this week. Certainly nothing like the north eastern United States has gotten over the last couple of weeks. But, this is our first potential bad weather for the year.

The main problem is that we haven’t been to all the local stores and raided them of the essential supplies. Today is the day after Valentine’s Day and I know all the candy is on sale for half price. We haven’t made it to Walmart to stock up on these needed supplies.

If East Tennessee is anything like Florida where I lived for several years, then as soon as the advisory started hitting everyone’s weather apps on their phones they rushed out and bought all the milk and bread the stores had on the shelves. Likely they forgot the important complementary items to the milk and bread such as peanut butter. But as long as they leave the candy alone until I get a chance to buy my six-month supply, then I am OK with that. November 1 is when we buy the next 6 month’s worth of candy to round out our year.

[It is nice to know that there is a Red Cross Shelter in Columbus, OH in case we need immediate help. “Pile into the van kids. We are going to drive 6 hours through a winter storm to go to the closest Red Cross shelter for help!”]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had 32″ of rain since Sunday morning! There is usually a pattern to the rain during rainy season. We expect it to rain a couple of hours in the late afternoon every day. Previous to Sunday we had not had any rain in 2 weeks.

Sunday it rained just about all day. At least off and on most of the day. Monday it just rained in the afternoon. Tuesday the rain was torrential. After we dropped our son off at his Tae Kwon Do class, we went to the grocery store. It rained so hard that I could not carry on a phone conversation while in the store. It was just too loud pounding on the roof of the store. It then sprinkled on and off all night. It was even raining this morning when we got up. That makes 2 days this week that it has rained in the morning, which is very rare.

It has not gotten over 90 all week. Sunday’s high was only 84. That is very nice. Our projected highs over the next few days will be between 86 and 92. Sweet!