Good rain and falling hammocks

Last week I was complaining about too much rain, but this week I welcome what we have gotten. Last week was excessive (32″ in 4 days, half of which was in one 24 hour period). This week it has been much more calm. At the end of a 3 mile run this morning it started raining. Not a hard rain, but a nice sprinkle. It was nice. Especially since today was a very cool morning. We got to an overnight low of 70 degrees and it was 72 at the end of my run.Sprawled out in the rain

I laid down in the back yard and enjoyed the rain for a few minutes until it stopped.

Later this morning I assumed the same sprawled out position on the floor of the bedroom. This time it was not so enjoyable. I was talking to my younger brother on the phone while lounging in my hammock. I had been swinging slightly and was laying in the best possible position for what happened next. One of the hooks that holds the hammock on the wall slipped out of its hole. I went crashing down! Because of the way I was laying in the hammock–perpendicular instead of longways–I hit the ground mostly flat. Because I was on my back, I did not damage a shoulder. I also had my pillow under my head with an exercise mat on the floor beneath me.

If I had been laying parallel with the hammock and the hook at the end closest to my head had failed, then I would have come down right on my noggin. Also, without the pillow and exercise mat, I could have been severely damaged. Fortunately everything was lined up just right so that the worst was avoided.

My son said that he felt the floor shake in the whole upstairs part of the house. My wife was downstairs and heard me yell out and figured it was one of the construction workers from the street behind us that had dropped something big. Needless to say, she did not come and check on me.

My brother, however, had the biggest laugh of the day out of it.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had 32″ of rain since Sunday morning! There is usually a pattern to the rain during rainy season. We expect it to rain a couple of hours in the late afternoon every day. Previous to Sunday we had not had any rain in 2 weeks.

Sunday it rained just about all day. At least off and on most of the day. Monday it just rained in the afternoon. Tuesday the rain was torrential. After we dropped our son off at his Tae Kwon Do class, we went to the grocery store. It rained so hard that I could not carry on a phone conversation while in the store. It was just too loud pounding on the roof of the store. It then sprinkled on and off all night. It was even raining this morning when we got up. That makes 2 days this week that it has rained in the morning, which is very rare.

It has not gotten over 90 all week. Sunday’s high was only 84. That is very nice. Our projected highs over the next few days will be between 86 and 92. Sweet!