New Routine

Obviously I have not posted much here the last two years. My routine has changed, but I haven’t gotten my blogging worked back into the new schedule. There was a time when I would get all my writing done at night before going to bed. But with schedule changes that has been harder to do. So I am going to try a morning writing routine.

Where Are We?

We moved back from Argentina at the end of 2011. I have been working in our mission board office since then. That does not mean I am stuck within the 4 walls of the office. Since I posted about going to Ethiopia last year, I have been in Costa Rica and Mexico. The Costa Rica trip was to visit one of our missionaries working with the Deaf. The whole family made the trip to Mexico for 3 months. It was great to be back with all our old friends.


I am still writing for What Christians Want to Know. As with this site, my writing schedule has gotten turned upside down with having real office hours. You would think that regular hours would afford me structured time to write, but I have other responsibilities that keep me occupied in the office.

IT Guy

The IT man at our office took a job in another state. I was working as his assistant in the office while he came in as necessary. But now that he is not able to visit physically, I have taken over the responsibilities completely. I am still spending quite a bit of time getting my head wrapped around everything, but I think I am figuring most of it out.

Hopefully I won’t be as much of a stranger in these parts.

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