Ethiopia Bound

I am looking forward to my trip to Ethiopia this week. I will be there visiting friends for the next 3 weeks. Two of the three people I will be visiting I have met before. The third one has become a dear friend via email and I look forward to meeting him in person.

Part of the purpose of the trip is to get to know these ministries in a personal way. Really I am supposed to go over there, spend time with them and build a relationship. I like those types of assignments. Of course, I will also have plenty of opportunities to preach. If it is like most trips I have been on I will exhaust all the sermons I have prepared and still have two weeks left. They always ask visitors to preach often. Sometimes you finish one sermon and they are still hungry for more. You end up preaching 2 or 3 sermons in one sitting.

I would appreciate your prayers while I am there. I am taking some running clothes so that I can challenge a couple of Ethiopians to a race. Of course, I will only pick competitors who are no older than 10 years.

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