Best ADD/ADHD Books

I just wrote a very long article reviewing 9 of the best books about Attention Deficit Disorder. I have read some of them, but not all. It didn’t take long to figure out which were the best. There were certain titles that rose to the top on most every website I visited.

Here is the list:

You can read the full article with a summary of each book, or just click the titles above to be taken to the Amazon page about each book.

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  1. Thanks for the resources. There appears to be plenty of options for books that will help one to better understand ADD. However, I’m also looking for one or two excellent books that focus on strategies to help/support children who may have ADD. If choosing one or two books from your list (or others that you’re aware of) that focus on strategies for children with ADD, which titles would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

    1. Bryan, I am sorry that I don’t have a strong recommendation for a book like that. Personally my favorite as an adult is Driven to Distraction. It is not specifically about adult ADD, but is mostly focused on adults. However, I think it would give you a good insight into anyone with ADD/ADHD. There are several good suggestions on using exercise and intentional distractions to help focus the person.

      Interestingly, I learned from that book that sometimes higher stimulation environments can help a person focus. Though I cannot sit in a room with a TV on and read or get any work done. But plop me into a packed bus, or restaurant with 10 TVs and a loud crowd and I can be hyper focused. I now leave the house any time I want to get work done. I go find a busy coffee shop or restaurant and get to work. If it is not a busy place though, I tend to get pulled into conversations around me and watching people instead of working.

      1. Yes, I notice that too when I was in school. A lot of noise becomes like no noise. Walking through a highly crowded place makes me focus on my walking alone, and I can feel an amazing sense of stillness and quietude.

        I love being in such a crowded place, but only until wireless technology became common. I happen to be energy-sensitive too. All that EM radiation overwhelms me.

        Thanks for the article!

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