Trip out of Mexico: Day 6 (and following)

We did get home last week if you were wondering. We had another wonderfully boring day. Things just tend to go much more smoothly on US roads. It is amazing the contrast between the roads here and the roads in Mexico. There are some rough spots across Lousiana, but not near like Mexico.

As soon as we got home we started preparing for the coming week. I had a seminary class I was taking and really was not well prepared for it. By Tuesday afternoon I started feeling like my head was back in the game. Fortunately my teacher is one of these wise, practical scholars. He did not expect us to memorize everything he taught. He is more interested in us getting the information on paper so that we can access the material in the future. For my tests this week we had to write a couple of long papers (took me close to 6 hours Thursday night). These papers were “open Bible” essays. As long as we knew how to dig in the Bible and intelligently explain what we had learned, he was satisfied. I don’t know my grade yet, but I feel like I did well and learned much.

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