Trip out of Mexico: Day 5

A perfectly boring day. Not much to report other than we got on the road late after a nice long night of sleep. We traded off the driving duties all day and napped when we could.

The most exciting thing that happened today was that I faked the need for a nap and made my wife drive through Houston.

We made it from the bottom tip of Texas up to Orange, Texas which is just a few miles from the Lousiana border. Should be less than 8 hours from home. Even though we are on better roads we are still traveling pretty slowly. Keeping the speeds between 50 and 60 MPH to make sure we don’t over tax the trailer and its tires.

Day 6 (Preview)
We will skip church tomorrow for the second time in my ability to remember. With a class starting Monday morning I want to try and allow as much time as I can to get home. There is still the possibility of a blow out or some other big event tomorrow. Using the extra time as wisely as we can. We are arriving 48 hours later than what we were planning last Monday morning.

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