Round on each end and high in the middle

We have been criss-crossing the state of Ohio the last few days. We were in Michigan until last Thursday morning. We sauntered back to Ohio (we were here on our way from PA to MI) to land in Fremont for a couple of days. Fremont is in the north western part of the state very near Toledo.

In Fremont we got to spend time at a used book store. I also did a little geocaching and got in one cold run. Really we just needed a place to crash for a couple of days between meetings. We visited with an old pastor friend while staying in the missionary apartment at the church.

We went from Fremont to Dayton by way of Canton. For those of you who don’t know, Toledo is in the northwest corner and Dayton is almost in the southwest corner. Canton is in the middle eastern part of the state. We left Toledo/Fremont on Saturday afternoon to visit friends in Canton that evening. We enjoyed a great meal with them before heading back west to land in Dayton for the night. The group we visited in Canton was the group that painted our church last year.

I don’t know exactly what time we left Canton, but we ended up at our hotel in Dayton around 11:00 that night. We were not presenting our ministry in a church on Sunday morning, but we were scheduled to be in a church in Troy (north of Dayton) which was the home church of several of our friends. We met with them and had a great time at church and then after church we went to lunch together.

Sunday night we were still in Dayton so that I could preach at a different church. A college buddy took us out to dinner and we talked until the restaurant kicked us out at 10:00.

Monday and Tuesday we were stuck with no place to stay. Our next meeting was scheduled to be in the center of the state on Wednesday. By Sunday night though I was able to contact some friends with whom we worked in a previous ministry and they offered us a nice bed and some great fellowship. Before we left Dayton though, we spent a few hours at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

On Monday the church we were scheduled to be in for the Wednesday night service in Mansfield (center of the state) had to reschedule the meeting. That left us without a meeting for Wednesday. Our next landing area was my brother’s house in Indianapolis. But I called today and got us a meeting in Kenton, OH which is between Dayton and Toledo. We will be there on Wednesday night before heading to Indy on Thursday.

In a 7 day period we will have logged about 750 miles in the state. That is enough to drive from one side of the state and back 3.5 times. I don’t know if the state really is round on each end, but we have seen some rolling hills here in the center. So I guess it is a bit higher.

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  1. Ohio… I’ll be in Cincy at the beginning of May for the Flying Pig. But I just have to go through Kentucky… not a tour of the State of Ohio

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