February Goals Report

I was still trying to get my weekly mileage up during the month of February. I was making a slow comeback after my injuries in October and November. Finally things are headed the right direction. Even though I am still not consistently hitting my goal, I am not having any physical problems. It is now a matter of scheduling. I am getting that better under control too.

The goal is to run 1000 miles for the year which means 83.3 miles a month or 19.2 miles a week. In February I ran 66 miles with 2 weeks of hitting my goal. I should be able to make up the lost miles by the end of the year if I stay healthy.

My goal is 800 pages a month and I read 869.

The only significant book I read was The World is Flat. An interesting book on understanding how the global job market and economy are changing.

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