Stating the obvious

Today I was in a Mexican restaurant for lunch. On the section of quesadillas there was a line of small text under the heading that read, “All quesadillas include cheese.” Without the cheese it could not be a quesadilla.

Tonight I was reading through the paper and they were telling the story about a teen who was shot. “The victim, described as a male teen …. was reportedly shot in the back. He was shot at least once.” That kind of makes sense to me that if he was shot at all, he was shot at least once.

One thought on “Stating the obvious”

  1. This just means that you are too smart for society.

    You know just like running times in an archive… it doesn’t matter how times you took water during a course your time is your time. But getting shot must be something different. If you get shot dead with one bullet is something different than being shot with 100 bullets, because the author of that story wants YOU to know that victim was shot at least once but could be 100. On the other hand. Perhaps they had to write 250 word story and were stuck at 243 words.

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