Traffic Gimmick

I did the post about the page 56 meme for the sole purpose of getting people to twitter about my set of rules. This will drive traffic to my site. I am trying to see how many people I can get to hit that post. It is purely a gimmick. So far I have not had anyone (besides me) link to the rules and play the game. I have tweeted it twice.

If you are on Twitter you can help out by playing the game as listed in that post. I use about 1/100 of my alloted bandwidth a month from my web host. I need to do something to make it exciting around here.

Help a bored fellow out.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Gimmick”

  1. My wife twitters… you should follow her or get her to give you a link click or something. I have no idea what her twitter name is but you might find it in FB

    1. She and I have been twitter friends since that night we had dinner together. I mean, that night that we all had dinner together. I am not talking about a time that she and I had dinner and you weren’t there. I mean…

      Boy, how do I get myself into these things?

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