Vacation Week: Wednesday Graduation

Santa made from LegoWednesday marked the reason we were in Orlando to begin with. My younger brother graduated from nursing school. His pinning was that night and it was an opportunity to get the family together.

But, before work comes pleasure. At least that is the way I always try to structure my life. The guys went golfing that morning. There were 4 of us: my two brothers, dad and me. No one played horribly. None of us have played in a while. In fact, for those of us who have played recently, this was only our second game in 3 years.

While we were out playing on the golf course, the ladies and children were running around at an orange grove. They went to a friend’s house who has several trees. They picked a few oranges and had a good time.

We finally all met up together at The Disney Village to go to the Lego store. We built a few items and bought a few. Mostly we were just there to let the kids play for free. We took a boat ride around the lagoon while we were there.

The graduate and his two brothers and grandmotherAfter all the playing it was time to start the mad dash to get ready for the graduation ceremony. Out of necessity we had to take 5 vehicles. We all had to go to different places and arrive at different times. It ultimately worked out. My older brother and his wife had to wait for the baby-sitter to arrive. She was late and caused them to miss some of the boring part of the ceremony. They were able to make it for the pinning.

After the ceremony we got to meet a bunch of my brother’s classmates.

With that out of the way the only serious stuff left to do was have our pictures taken the next morning.

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