Vacation Week: Tuesday Manatees

ManateeTuesday morning we loaded the whole gang up in a couple of vans and drove to Blue Spring State Park. It is located about 45 minutes north of Orlando. We were told that the best time to view the manatee at this time of year there was in the morning. We had to leave pretty early to get there by 8:00 for the park opening.

Peach TreeThey were amazing. I have snorkeled and dived with manatee before. They are super gentle. We were not able to get in the water with the manatee at the park. They had some great board walks that went along the river with platforms out over the water. Most of the manatee were on the other side of the river, but we were able to see them pretty well. There were a few that came right underneath us as we were watching them.

We left the older generations to test out a park bench while we younger kids strolled on to the spring. Manatee navigate about 250 miles of the St. John river from Jacksonville to Orange City to enjoy the constant 72 degree water.

We piled all the cousins up on a tree stump and called it a Peach tree.

After the hiking around we had a nice picnic lunch at the park.

On the way home the two vehicles split up with one going to visit some friends and the other going home to put the older folks down for a nap. I was fortunate enough to drive the nap car.

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