October Goals Report

I have to run 83 miles a month to reach my goal of 1000 miles for the year. In the month of October I ran 93 miles. I made up 10 of the miles that I was behind this month. I am still about 12 miles behind for the year, but that should easily be made up. I ran 16 days this month which works out to running every other day.

I did this thing called a marathon. That was a first time event for me. Believe it or not, that is the reason I got behind on my goal. I had stuck to a training plan that did not pad in any extra miles. If I missed a run one week it put me behind. Of course there were the 30+ mile weeks which helped make up the losses.

The longest break I took this month was a stretch of 3 days. It was good to take that time off. This came shortly after the marathon. I began to have some sharp foot pain 2 days after the race. I believe I have a stress fracture in one of the bones along the right side of my right foot. I had been on my feet a lot leading up to and a week after my race. I began to take a high dosage of anti-inflammatory medicine and calcium (as per my personal nurse’s instructions). Those 3 non-running days were also travel days. I was able to stay off my feet completely. I did not experience any of the sharp pain shortly after that time off my feet. I did a hard run though and felt a twinge and the pain instantly returned. I have been nursing it the last week and have been able to keep the pain at bay. Running motion does not seem to hurt the foot, but walking does.

I had fallen way behind in my reading. Since this is a month to month goal, I have not let it bother me that I missed the goal of 800 pages in the past. I know that each month I get to start with a clean slate.

I again missed the goal, but was much closer this time around. I read 748 pages in the month of October. Most of the reading was done early in the month. I actually have read a bit more than that, but one of the books I am currently reading is in the car. So I am not able to get an accurate page count. I am only about 20 pages into it. I will put that onto next month’s count.

I read Dean Karnazes’ 50/50 and Joe Kurmaskie’s Metal Cowboy. Those were both fun and easy to read books. I am reading a Hardy Boys book too. I read a book called Hostage about the 3 New Tribes Mission’s missionaries who were taken by Colombian Guerrillas in the 90s. It was everything I dislike about an autobiography. It was written by one of the wives. Content was great, but I did not like the presentation. I am also reading J Vernon McGee’s commentary on the book of Revelation. <sarcasm>Now there’s some easy reading</sarcasm>.

Just 2 months to go to finish up the year. I am very pleased with being able to keep up with the goals. Previously I had never tried to push myself on reading. I just read when I felt inspired to do so. Having a goal has kept me reading consistently. The fact that I have missed my goal at least lets me know that I have at least been working toward it.

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