A New Car! (Cue The Price is Right music)

2003 Honda OdysseyWe were driving to North Carolina for a meeting with our ears to the ground for a new vehicle. We have been earnestly looking for one for over a week. Particularly we have been interested in the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Sienna. My wife has been the researcher to find cars on line and then I get to call on them. We have talked with so many car dealerships and individuals, we keep getting called back with offers of cars we don’t want. I shared my frustration with one dealer on Monday that we are getting call backs every 2 hours giving us less than ideal offers. The salesman told me that I should just end the suffering and buy his overpriced car. No thanks.

After we were on the road yesterday headed to Georgia, my wife asked me where we were staying. I told her Conyers and she said that there was an Odyssey in Conyers for the best price she had found so far. We did not get there early enough last night to find it and look it over.

This morning I called and found out it was still available. We went in and trudged through all the paperwork. Three and a half hours later we drove off with a 2003 Odyssey. We quickly rushed back to the church where we were staying and transferred all of our stuff from Suburban to Odyssey.

We left the car dealership 2 hours behind schedule. We needed to be in Laurinburg, NC by 5:00. Fortunately, that was a buffer time. Absolute latest was 7:00. Since we got out of Conyers 2 hours late, that ate up our buffer. We did get to the church about 6:30 and I was ready to preach by 7:30. What a wild ride.

Our 1990 Suburban with 285,000 miles is sitting in a church parking lot waiting for us to return next week and pick it up. I told the secretary it was for sale. If she talks anyone into buying it, then we won’t have to take it back to Florida with us.

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