Week 11

Week 10

This week was all messed up, but here is the break down such as it was.

2 miles easy. I ended up running this on Thursday since my last long run was Tuesday. I ran 2.55 miles easy.

I ran this 8 mile speed run on Saturday. It was not really a speed workout. I just ran. I had even forgotten that I was supposed to run 8 miles, but ran 7.85 miles anyway.

20 mile long run. I ran this on Monday (today) and had a great run. Since I bailed on my 18 miler last week, I was a little nervous about pushing up to 20. The longest run previously had been 16 miles. I just took it slow and made sure that I took my walk breaks as needed. I was almost 2 minutes per mile too slow on this run. I don’t care. I am not shooting for any time goal on the marathon. I will push myself next time to stay within the plan.

Week 11
Monday: 2 miles at 10:19 pace.

Wednesday: 7 mile tempo.

Saturday: 16 miles at 10:19.

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