Week 6

Week 5
The schedule called for a disappointingly short 2 mile run. I was planning to stretch it out just a bit. After I got started though, 2 miles sounded like just the right distance. I ran 2.25 miles at a 9:48 pace. That was about 40 seconds faster than the plan called for. Not too bad.

This was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo run with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. I have not been hitting my pace on these runs, so decided to make a change that worked out for the better. I ran my warm up run and then came home and rested/stretched for about 10 minutes before heading out for the tempo part.

I only ran 3 miles for the tempo, but I hit my pace of 8:56 right on. I did not do a full mile run as a cool down. I walked about that distance though.

This was an exciting day for me. It was a 12 mile run, which is getting into the distance that I consider a long run. I have an 8 mile route and a 4 mile loop that both start and end at my house. So I was able to smash those together to make my 12 miles without having to add up a new route.

At 5 miles I had to stop and do a re-adjustment to both my shoes. I also tape 2 of my toes that are problematic for blisters. The tape on the left foot came off and caused a blister in a new place. I removed the tape at 5 miles. Throughout the run I had to pull rocks / remove tape / re-adjust sock / re-adjust laces 4 or 5 times on my left foot. That is the most trouble I have ever had in a run.

When I got done with the 8 mile portion, I had called my wife to be ready with a re-supply. I buzzed by the house and changed socks, took on more water, and powdered my feet in about 90 seconds. Then I was off for the final 4 miles.

In general, I ran too slowly for the whole run. But my fastest mile was mile 12.  My goal pace was 10:26 seconds. Actual pace was 10:51. I am going to blame that on my extra stops for shoe problems and the time I took to change socks. Though I drank 2 liters on the run (4.5 lbs) I still lost 6 lbs due to sweat. I think all 10 pounds ended up in my shoes. I was glad to be able to change socks. I need to replace some of my running socks because they are getting too thin.

I also biked Sunday and Tuesday for a total of 26 miles.

Week 6
Monday: Another 2 mile easy run at a 10:26 pace.

Wednesday: 7 total miles including warm up and cool down. Speed session of 3 X 1600 meters at 8:22 pace with 800 meter jogs between intervals.

Saturday: 14 miles at 10:26 pace.

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