Phedippidations World Wide Festival of Races

This is the third annual Phedippidations World Wide (Half Marathon / Kick the Couch 5K / Zen Runner 10K) Festival of Races. Yes, that is right, we have had a name change this year and we have added a new race distance.

Half Marathon
The original distance for the PWWHM is the half marathon. You are encouraged to run an organized or non-organized half marathon race the weekend of October 11 and 12. This can be run the weekend before, of, or after the official race date. You can also run a full marathon (or any distance longer than a half) and submit your first 13.1 mile time as your PWWHM time.

Kick the Couch 5K
The 5 kilometer distance was added last year as an introduction to newer runners. Rules are the same. It does not have to be run exactly on the 11th or 12th. It can even be a mid-week run.

Zen Runner 10K
This year they added the 10K distance. This was a run that Adam “Zen Runner-Another Runner-Burning 20” Tinkoff had planned. It worked out to run it all on the same weekend.

Head over to World Wide Half and sign up. You can sign up for the distance you want. When you sign up you get an official race number let others know you are participating. As of the writing of this post there are 560 people in 31 countries signed up to run with us.

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