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I am playing around with a new theme as you can see. There is still much to do to make it “mine” but it is coming along.

Really this is a test to see what it will take to customize and make this theme something I might want to use on my ministry website. Currently I am using phpWebSite CMS software, but I am wanting to move it to a WordPress install like this site. My goal is to make the new WordPress site look similar to the current site, but give it a freshening up. And, WordPress is so easy to use, much better than the CMS software I am using. CMS has its advantages over blogging software, but for what I am doing with that site, WordPress will work just fine.

What do you think? There will be more changes in the next couple of days, but this is the basic look.

2 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. Thanks for the input. I never got around to finishing this up. I have sunk my time into my other site where I almost have this theme ready to roll out and show the world over there. I will get back to this and make it more readable.

    Any other suggestions would be great. Not sure I am going to stick with the orange at white. May go back to a blue of some kind.

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