Missionary Talks 53: Bob Patterson

I enjoyed calling and talking to Bob Patterson for this interview. We were college friends and worked together one summer. Though we have never really kept in close contact, we have always enjoyed each other’s company. Bob’s older brother Bill and I were in the same freshman class at school. We sat beside each other in all of our classes (alphabetically) until I got kicked out for not paying my bill. I ended up graduating with Bob 2 years late.

Bob recently took a trip to Uganda and therefore this was the subject of the interview. Bob was there on a short term medical mission trip.

I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite interviews. If I had to choose 5 interviews to recommend to someone, this one would be on the list.

The formal interview lasted about 45 minutes, but we talked for well more than an hour. You can be assured that I will be calling Bob again and talking about his philosophy of missions. What he had to say at the end was classic. I would like to do a whole program on just that kind of information.

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