May Goals Report

During the month of May I ran 88.8 miles. I finished the month about 15 miles ahead of my yearly goal. During the month I ran 23 days which means I took 8 days off. I did run more than 3 days in a row on 2 occasions. But both of these were with days of low mileage. I never took more than 1 day off in a stretch this month.

I started swimming 3 days a week this month. I am running to and from swimming class which is only .6 miles from my house. That is the reason I have so many days in a row that I have run. Sometimes I will put in a little extra distance at the track by the swimming pool on swim days. Otherwise, I am saving my longer distance days for non-swimming days.

Longest run this month was 8 miles. I ran 3 races during the month.

I did much better with my reading this month than I did with my previous couple of months. I read 925 pages in 8 books. I am still reading in 5 of those. It seems like they are all big books.

I also read a couple of magazines from cover to cover. I am never sure how to count those pages, so I just don’t. And, of course, I read at least a bizillion pages online. That is where I spend the majority of my reading time.

I also listened to a 400 page audio book this month. Also not sure how to count that, so I will just leave it out.

All in all, I feel like my reading was much improved this month.

Without giving a full list of titles, here is a summary of some of the subjects. Healthy eating, ADD, missiology, creationism, baseball history, a classic, Bible, and a fiction book.

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