Staying active

While I have not been boring you with my lunch choices here on the site, I have been keeping myself busy.

Highlights from the last few days include running, golfing, shopping and interviewing.

I have kept up my running the last couple of weeks. I am getting ahead on my mileage again. I really need this since I will be traveling again next week and my running will be short if existent at all. I have a 5K race tomorrow morning too. I am shooting for a PR. Current 5K PR is 24:39. I am going to try and push it close to 24:00. With the cooler weather it may be possible. I have been running very well in the cooler weather. But I have not eaten so well the last several days.

Yesterday I went golfing with my son, dad and another friend. My friend is a Deaf man that I have known for many years. We have teased him terribly for his lack of speed. Then there was another person in our party that does not use granny gear for doing anything…that is too fast for him. My son has not played golf since he was 6 years old. He was a little rusty and seems to have forgotten how to pay attention and know when it was his turn. Needless to say, it was a very slow event. Normal people play a round of golf in 3 to 6 hours. We spent 4 hours just hacking our way through 9 holes. At the end of the day though, I had the lowest score. That’s all that matters.

We have stayed very busy shopping for ourselves and friends. It has been fun to be in a place where you can walk in the store and buy what you want. Personally I have been stocking up on some clothing items.

I got two interviews this week. Both were from mission board representatives. They are interesting in that these men serve in very different capacities. I think you will enjoy the interviews when I get them posted. They should be up within a couple of weeks over at Missionary Talks.

Just a couple more days here in town with our family and friends and then we head back to Mexico.

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