Missionary Talks Update

I have not posted about Missionary Talks in a while. Recently I was able to put out two new interviews. I also have two others in my recorder and will get one more in the morning. There is a slight chance that I will be able to grab one other interview before heading back to Mexico next week.

The two recent episodes were really exciting for me. I enjoyed talking with Rob Willoughby about his planned ministry to Estonia. I met Rob at a recent conference for the first time. He and his wife are on deputation and plan to move to Estonia by the end of the year.

Today I just uploaded an interview I did with Harry and Gina Stanley. Dr. Stanley was a supporting pastor of ours until he was called to the mission field. He and his family will be going to England–also by the end of the year. Dr. Stanley and I worked together at camp. We have stayed in touch through the years and I always enjoy spending time with him and his wife. Their interview is very insightful.

Please take the time to listen to these interviews. If you have not listened to Missionary Talks in a while, you might be surprised with the better sound quality of some of the more recently recorded shows.

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