Got worked up Friday

Though I have mentioned a few close encounters with vehicles while running, I don’t mention all of them for fear of scaring my mom to death. I have worked out pretty good techniques for letting people know I don’t approve of their stupidity. I never resort to rude gestures nor cursing though. My preferred method is pure violence. I prefer to just put dents in cars when possible.

Friday I was running on the left side of the road (opposite traffic) and had to step around a parked vehicle. There were no cars coming in front of me and no cars to the right. I heard a truck coming from behind me, but it should not have been an issue since he had plenty of room to drive in his lane.

I stepped around the side of the parked truck and was running beside it when the truck from behind came up beside me. But he did not simply drive by. He drove over into my lane pinning me between him and the parked truck. He was so close to me, I am not sure how he kept from hitting me with his mirror.

When these kinds of things have happened in the past I have had room to move away from the vehicle. In this case I was pinned between the two. I had no place to go.

I was so startled and shaken by it, I did not have time to give his truck a good beating.

I was running over to meet my running partner Jeff. It took me some time to regain my composure and continue going though. I know the guy in the truck was just trying to scare me, and he did an excellent job. I almost stopped at that point and went back home. But I continued on to Jeff’s place.

Jeff and I took off for our run, but I was still shaken from the close call. We only ran about 2.5 miles and I called it quits. We happened to be running near my house so we walked on over to my place and he ran home from there.

After that any time a car came up behind me I was careful to look over my shoulder.

2 thoughts on “Got worked up Friday”

  1. This was by far the most harried experience I have had while running. I usually deal with close calls once every 2 weeks or so. But this was very intentional and worse than I have experienced before.

    And the fact that I did not get to put a dent in his truck in the process kinda disappoints me.

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