LED Christmas lights. Why bother?

I remember when the fiber optic Christmas trees became popular about 10 years ago. While they were neat, it was obviously a fad. Traditional looking Christmas lights are what people are used to seeing and want to see. However, traditional lights are really not that energy efficient. The beauty of LED mini lights is that you get a traditional look with the multiple benefits of LED.

Some of the benefits include:

  • More energy efficient
  • Last longer
  • Lower fire hazard
  • More durable
  • Less likely to fail

While the initial cost of the LED lights are more expensive, they cost an estimated 1/3 the price of incandescent lighting over the lifetime of the LEDs. This is because the need to replace the incandescent lights more often will out cost the LEDs in the long term. On top of the overall savings that you will see down the road, you will immediately see a savings in your electric bill. It only takes 10% as much electricity to run a string of LED lights as it does a string of traditional ones.

LEDs are also much more durable. The likelihood that you would damage an LED light just by dropping them is non existent, unlike traditional bulbs. LED lights are encased in an epoxy that is durable to the point of being able to withstand the weight of a tractor trailer rig driving over them!

One of the greatest benefits of LED Christmas lights is the fact that there is much less of a fire hazard with them. Because the lights put off almost no heat, there is little risk of burning yourself by touching the lights or having a dry tree ignited by the LEDs.

Look into LED mini lights this holiday season and see if they would be right for you and your family.

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