Can you really be that clueless?

Today I was looking for a nice quality cotton shirt to iron on my Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon transfers. I wanted to make a shirt that I can wear after the run this weekend.

I went to a store that does embroidery and screen printing for sports teams. Their whole business is team uniforms. I asked the lady if she had any plain white, good quality cotton shirts. All she had in stock were white shirts with colored collars. I asked if she knew where I could get my hands on a good shirt. Her reply was, “I have no idea.”

How can you work in that business and really not know? That told me one of two things about her. Either she was really clueless and does not care about the business or industry in which she works, or she did not want to lose business to another vendor. I have news for her: she has now lost business. I will never go back there. I hate dealing with salesmen that make no effort to help the people who are paying their grocery bills.

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