My Thought Spot 16: Hmm, No Title

This one is a bit shorter. I did not have anything to really rant about.

Show Notes

Edit: Out of a need to fulfill a posting requirement to get paid for my previous “sponsored post” I have to add at least one sentence to this post. While I understand that they have posting requirements of “quality” posts before and after the paid content, it seems that if I simply add a period to the end of any of the above entries, then I would fulfill the requirement. But, since I am just spiteful enough to make an issue of it, I am typing a few sentences to say that sometimes PayPerPost irritates me. So now PayPerPost gets some negative content written about them when any trained monkey could have seen that this was a quality post to begin with. I have more to say about them in the future, but I am going to milk them for all I can before I start blasting them.

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