Rush the blogs!

I just learned about a new blogging thingy that should increase the number of visitors to the blog. While this may not mean much to the readers, it means a lot to me. I write because I want people to read what I am writing. Even if it is not too focused.

The widget in the left sidebar is from Blog Rush. It is a service that shares interesting blog links that should be relevant to the things I write. If you are a blogger, you can get this widget for your blog too.

Here is how it works and should help traffic. You come to my blog and see the other blogs in my genre (personal ramblings, or something like that) and they, in turn are showing my blog postings on their site. This is based on “credits.” Each time my blog loads in someone’s browser I get a credit and earn the right to display a link on Blog Rush.

You decide you want this for your site. You click the link at the bottom of the widget to sign up at Blog Rush. When you install it on your site and start using it, you get credit, AND I get credit. This goes down 10 levels. The more referrals I get, the more potential traffic I will have.

There is no money involved, so it is not going to make me any more moola. What it will do though is potentially drive more readers to the site. That is always a good thing.

Check out Blog Rush and see if it might work for you. If it does, sign up and get started. Make sure you view the video at the site. It makes it pretty clear how it all works.

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