Popcorn lung?

Ever hear of “popcorn lung”? Me either until today. There is a story in the news today about a man who ate 2 bags of popcorn every day for the last 10 years. Easy snack; extra buttery.

That can’t be good for your body. For a moment, ignore the lung problems and think about the chemicals he is putting in himself. I know we get icky chemicals in lots of food, but I would think that there is a lower risk of some strange disease if you spread your chemicals around. The same chemicals being stuck in the body twice a day for 10 years just can’t be healthy. This disease comes from breathing the toxins after it is released in the cooking process. I know popcorn is supposed to be fine, but microwave extra buttery is probably not very healthy at all. I don’t eat it because I don’t like the waxy slime it leaves on my hands. Though I do love air popped popcorn.

Now to the lung disease he has. This is the first case of this disease diagnosed outside of factory workers.

Step away from the microwave man! Take a walk around the block.

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