A fine example of poor education

Does this person really write like this, or did he do this on purpose? This was written tonight on a forum I frequent.

hello i have recently purchased a shure beta57a and a monster xlr to 1/8″ cable and i want to hook this up to my computer but when i connect the two for sum reason the mic duzn work..it almost seems like the computer isnt recognizing the mic or sumthin..please help me out..thankss alot

I kid you not! That is a straight cut and paste. He wants help in making this work; however, I am not sure he would be educated enough to use the information given to him. According to the forum, he even edited this after he posted it! What did he change?

Presumably this is someone over the age of 13. My 9 year old can do far better than this. If you wonder why I try to point people to good writing tips, there is your answer.

One thought on “A fine example of poor education”

  1. Even I can do better than that and I am not the world’s greatest writer. I think that either he doesn’t really care, or, like you say, he is not educated enough to understand. However there are some college grads that write like that, too. Have a nice day.

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