We are not in Mexico anymore

After we crossed the border into Texas, we drove about 10 miles before we hit our first red light. Which, because of the fuel pump problems, meant that the truck died. We had a bit of trouble getting it restarted before the light turned green. By the time I got it started and was able to move at a crawl, the light turned red again.Native Texan

Here is the difference between Mexico and Texas. In Mexico, the man who was sitting behind us at the light would have been honking his horn the whole time and probably yelling curses at us for making him miss the light. But, since we were in Texas, what actually happened was that the man behind us waited patiently and as soon as he knew we were having problems, he pulled up beside us and asked us if we needed any help. There were no horns. No curses. Just a friendly smile and an offer of help.

Where was he when we were sitting on the side of the road in Mexico for 3 hours waiting for someone to help?

Can you tell I am a native Texan?

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