My Thought Spot 11: Crossing Borders on the Run

Much to the chagrin of my wife and probably my mother, here is another running episode of MTS Podcast. When I got home from my run the other day and I had my recorder in hand, my wife groaned and said “you didn’t record while running again did you?” Yup.

No detailed show notes. The blog postings from the last week are what is included here. If I get a chance when I get home I may add links. I am just trying to get this uploaded before I cross the border headed back to Yucatán in a couple of hours.

3 thoughts on “My Thought Spot 11: Crossing Borders on the Run”

  1. Did your good lady insist on your adding the postscript about the bike and the gas cans? LOL. Sounds like you live next door to Oscar the Grouch. Gordon

  2. I added the postscript on my own as I thought it might keep me out of trouble.

    He was grouchy. I talked with some friend later and just mentioned this fellow and they agreed that he was probably the grouchiest man they had ever met. It is unfortunate that he has such a reputation.

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