Here is another site I just found tonight. It is for file sharing. No, not that kind of file sharing! We are not talking warez and illegal downloads. This is about sharing a file that is too big to email.

Here is how I have used these types services in the past.

One time I did an interview for my podcast and the person recorded his half on his end. Since the file was too big for him to email to me, I showed him a site like Driveway (though Driveway is new, so it wasn’t them). He uploaded the file to their website and had the site send me an email. Inside the email was a link where I could click and download the file. Therefore we avoided the file size limitation by not actually sending the file through email.

If you have your own server space that you can upload the file to and have the other person download it, that would work too. The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about using up your space if space is limited for you.

There is a 500 MB per file limit, but if you are uploading more than that, you must have a much bigger connection to the web than I do. Though there is the per file limit, there is no limit on the number of files, space or downloads that you can have.

You don’t even have to register. Though if you put in your email address when you upload the file, that will give you access to the file later so that you can delete it from their server once your intended recipient has gotten the file.

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