Friday’s Walkabout

Friday after the morning sessions at the conference were over and the conference ended, most people headed right out. Within a short time the church was quite abandoned. I had thought to bring some casual clothes in my backpack so that I could change before heading out for some last day shopping. I asked a friend to take my dress clothes back to the hotel. I was still wearing my dress shoes though. I have probably logged many more miles on my dress shoes than I ever will on any pair of running shoes. These shoes have served me well for 7 years. I get them re-soled every 6 to 12 months. They get a lot of use.

On my way to the big used bookstore that I was planning to visit, I saw a Taco Bell. Besides Krispy Kreme, that was the only other food place I was planning to hit. I had my standard soft taco and bean burrito meal. Though it tasted good, I realized something from that meal. One of the podcasters I listen to, Scott Smith, always says to ask the question “How do I want to feel?” before sticking something questionable in your mouth. I have eaten so well for so long here in Mexico that I did not remember the yucky food choices in the US made me feel awful. I just thought that I felt good because I lost weight. Now I know I feel good, at least in part, based on what I eat too. All that to say, I did not feel good after eating at Taco Bell. Though the flavor was just as good as I remembered, the gastro intestinal stress I was in for the rest of the day just was not fun.

On my way to the bookstore I realized that, in my desire to clean out my backpack to make maximum room for my shopping purchases, I left out my list of books I needed to look for. My wife had given me a full typewritten sheet of books to try and find. I also had hand scribbled my Amazon Wish-List on the back of the paper. Now I did not have that as a guide.

I got to the book store with just a vague idea of what I needed. Obviously I would remember the books that I wanted if I saw them on the shelf. I did find one (Running & Being: The Total Experience, George Sheehan). I also found a few in the right genre for my son. Nothing for my wife since I certainly would not remember even a small handful of titles she wanted.

Then off to the sporting goods store just to look. I had nothing else on my list that I specifically needed from there. I just wanted to browse. Nothing caught my eye.

Wal-Mart provided a new set of headphones that I like. I can get them here pretty easily. Wal-Mart had them for about $3 less. I am hard on headphones and have to replace them every 6 months or so. I just pull the wires too often or get them hung on something. I am sure the 6 gallons of sweat I pour on them every time I run does nothing good for them too.

I then headed on down to the Queen Mary just to get a closer look. Not sure why I did not snap a picture of her. Just do a google search for images and you will see what she looks like. I am talking about the ship, not the person she was named after.

Back to Borders where I picked up Duel in the Sun.

Finally back to my hotel. This was all a 6 hour walk. Some of it was covered on train and bus.

I was then all blahed out. I talked with my wife over IM for a bit before she headed to bed. All my hotel friends were still out (those who had not left yet). It was only about 8:30 and I had nothing to do. So…I changed shoes and went out for a walk.

I walked up a road I had not ventured up yet this week. I found the very top of the hill that my hotel was on. I walked around in the dark until 10:00 and then got back to the hotel and into bed quickly. I wanted to get a fresh start early the next morning for a nice long run I had planned.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Walkabout”

  1. I’m tired just reading about all the walking. Are you sure its safe to walk the streets in California at night. Remember your in the USA now, not in your safe 3rd world country.

  2. I really considered the safety aspect of it. There were only two times where I had to walk in a dark area. But, unlike here, there were not other people walking around. Here, there is always someone else out there with you, good or bad. But I only saw 1 other person out walking when I was. There were other people grilling on the lawn or walking in and out of stores, but no one that I felt might be out for malicious purposes.

    Had I been in LA, everything would have been different. I probably would not have been out alone during the day either.

  3. I have eaten so well for so long here in Mexico that I did not remember the yucky food choices in the US made me feel awful.

    lucky you… I have been eating much better in the past 3 weeks and I when i dabble into foods that taste good but are bad for me… I feel like poop. Just take the pizza on Saturday for example. I am two pieces and wanted to lay down and sleep…

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