The curse reveals itself

After my wonderful trip to Road Runner Sports yesterday afternoon, I went to Fry’s Electronics. I guess as a proof that the curse was still with me, I had an equally disappointing time at Fry’s.

I have been in several Fry’s stores through the southwestern US. I have learned not to expect the world from the sales staff. I was looking for a new mouse for my wife. She has a particular affinity for a certain style scroll wheel. I wanted to see if I could find one.

Though there were several mouses on display as part of a mouse/keyboard combo, they did not have any of the standalone mouses on a display rack. I found one that I wanted to touch and feel and asked the salesman if I could see a display model of that mouse. He promptly told me “No, we don’t have any displays of any of our mouses.” I said that I needed to touch it before I would buy it. To which he said that the package was form fitting enough to get a feel for the mouse. Well, of course, you can’t feel the scroll wheel through the plastic. I asked if we could open it, to which he said no. So, I told him I would not be making a mouse purchase that day. It was fine with him.

Then I took a stroll through the rest of that department. I saw 22 different mouses on display attached to computer display models. I would have laughed if I was not so angry.

I then wandered through the rest of the store not interested in purchasing anything after that.

4 thoughts on “The curse reveals itself”

  1. I went to my first Fry store the other day in Indy. I had a similiar experience. I just recently bought a Palm Pilot and am looking for a specific type of case to carry it in. I found one that might work at Fry’s but they would not let me open the package to get at the case. Guess they didn’t want my cooties.

  2. As frustrating as it was, and has been in the past, I will still go to them. They have stuff that you just can’t find in many stores. Most of the time you have to special order some of the components you can get off the shelf there.

    When they have a sale, it is a good sale. If the item you want is not on sale, you usually do not get any kind of discount buying from them.

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