Trouble free flights

I got into California this afternoon at 12:00 California time, which is 2:00 Merida time. That meant that when I got up at 4:00 this morning in Merida, it was 2:00 in California. Now that it is 10:00 in CA, my body says it should be midnight. Not much of a problem since I don’t normally go to bed till around midnight.

I am going to try and get up early in the morning for a good run. Lots of big hills here. I have not decided if I will run left and go down the hill to Krispy Kreme or go right and hit Taco Bell. Either way, it is up hill coming back to the hotel.

2 thoughts on “Trouble free flights”

  1. I skipped both directions. I ran south. I will probably do the same tomorrow and take my camera this time.

    BTW, real Mexican food and Taco Bell are nothing alike. But, that also means that if you like Taco Bell, you are not going to find anything in Mexico like it. So, while I have the real stuff where I live, I don’t have a Taco Bell.

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