Got a wedding invitation today

I got a fancy envelope in the mail and knew it was an invitation to something special. Typical, it did not have a return address on the front (it was on the back flap). I thought that I could guess who it was and had a good idea. When I saw the postmark was from Colorado, I was pretty sure I was right.

I flipped the envelope over and saw the names of the parents of my ex-girlfriend and knew I had it.

Congratulations to Sharon and Jim. They will be married next month.

Though our dating relationship lasted only 6 months, we had a great time together learning from one another. I have often thanked God for my relationship with Sharon. He taught me many things through her and, I honestly believe, that my relationship with my wife is much better for it.

We have stayed in touch over the years. She has even financially supported our ministry. I am happy for her.

I bet there are not too many people that get an honest invitation from their Ex. Congrats once again Sharon.

2 thoughts on “Got a wedding invitation today”

  1. My congratulations also to Sharon. I was just thinking of her yesterday and wondered if you still kept in touch with her. Do you know her intended? Jim.

  2. No, I don’t know him. I have not talked with her in a while. I think the last time was around Christmas and we just sent a couple of emails back and forth.

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