Busy day doing nothing

Here is a sample of the way things go around here.

I have needed to get with someone this week on a mutually beneficial project. Monday didn’t work and Tuesday was wasted all day trying to call him. No answer. This morning I finally got in contact with him. He was going to be leaving right then and could not meet until 2:00.

I was supposed to pick up my truck from the headliner repair shop at 12:00. I called to check on it. He said it would be ready at 4:00, but to call him at 3:00 to make sure. I have to be driving away from there at 4:00 for my evening appointments.

About 5 minutes before 2:00 (and my 2:00 appointment) I got an emergency call to help someone with a problem. Not something that could be put off. So I called my 2:00 appointment and said I could be there at 3:00. 3:00 was not good for him, he suggested 3:45. 3:45 won’t work for me, but 3:30 might. So he was going to try and be available at 3:30.

It is now 3:00. I just called the headliner guy. He won’t have the truck ready by 4:00 (by the way, originally it was to be done by 5:00 yesterday). The nature of the emergency at 2:00 was such that I MUST have the truck tonight at 4:00. So I told the headliner guy to put the truck enough back together that I can use it this evening and I will bring it back to him in the morning.

So now, my 3:30 appointment will have to be canceled so that I can go get the truck at 4:00. I have to be driving out of the shop at 4:00. 5 minutes late will mess up my 4:30 appointment. Which will throw off my 5:00 appointment. Fortunately, that won’t affect my 7:30 appointment.

Starting tomorrow at noon, my truck will be pressed into service for the next 7 days for about 16 hours a day. Thus the need to have this work done before tomorrow at noon. Also, my original 2:00 appointment will now have to be rescheduled between now and Sunday afternoon. I am very flexible, but I won’t know more than 2 hours in advance what my free time will be over the next few days. The person I need to meet with is much less flexible. He likes to have things scheduled in writing a week in advance. He is really going to hate when I call him at 3:30 and tell him that I cannot meet today because he rescheduled things to make 3:30 work.

Are you confused yet?

So basically I have spent all day trying to do 2 things. I have accomplished neither one. And, furthermore, they will not be done before this day is out.

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