I need another blog friend

My friend Terry has been out of town this week. He decided, for some insane reason, to not troll the blog world while he is gone. Why someone would make such a strange decision probably has to do with going off his medication, or maybe his psychotherapist recommended it. Whatever the reason, the result is that I have had very few comments on my blog this week.

Can someone volunteer to step up to the plate and add some comments in Terry’s absence?

At Terry’s blog, he has a strong group of comment-ers. Rarely does he have a post without a comment. Maybe I can talk him into suggesting to his readers/comment makers to come give me a visit and show some comment love.

I know people read my blog. Now I just need to convince them to leave a comment on occasion.

6 thoughts on “I need another blog friend”

  1. Man was I excited to see the pingback show up in my email! A hot link to my blog… WOO HOO!

    I will definitely have a “sponsored” post about My Thought Spot! How much are you dishing out for targeted marketing?

    I am thinking about getting one of those fancy “smartphones” not only will it let me read blogs online anywhere I can get a signal, I will have more than 138 characters for my “Live from the Field” blog entry off my “dumbphone”!

    I do have alot of comments for some of your previous posts, but I will have to do them when I have more time… hopefully tomorrow!

  2. Hmm, how much would I pay you to blog about me? How about I stick a few links on my site here and there? Oh, wait! There is a link in my blogroll. Done!

    I may get me a smartphone when I am back in the US next year. I am just not sure I want to pay for the data plan.

  3. Since you are building my blog, I will be your blog friend. I read all you blogs and get lost sometimes, but I really like what you say. I listen to your missionarytalks.com too and I think you are one fine young man. Keep up the good work.

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