Does your podcast really have to be encoded at 128 kbps?

I have a podcast that I listen to that is an MP3 encoded at 128 kbps stereo. This podcast is 90% talk. There is usually 1 song in the middle of the 1 hour program.

The podcast always weighs in at 60+ MB. I have seen it over 75 MB before.

In contrast, my shows are about 6 MB and 15-20 minutes long. 1/4 the length and 1/10 the file size. I am not saying that my show sounds generally better than the show I am complaining about, but at least it is manageable.

There is one show I listen to that is encoded at 32 kbps, stereo. It is a professionally produced show and I would have never known it was such low (high?) compression had I not just happed to see it one day.

If I were just downloading one 60 MB show a week, this would not be too big of a deal. But I download hundreds of podcast episodes in a week. My plea is that podcasters would stop being so in love with their own voice and show some consideration to their listeners.

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