Missionary Talks hits #3 at ChurchPodcasts.com!

I visit ChurchPodcasts.com occasionally. It is part of the Podcast Pickle empire.

I have been staying at 7th or 8th place for a few months. Today I checked it and I am in 3rd! I have asked the owner of the site for information on what makes one go up or down on that top 100 list. He has replied to other questions, but, though I have asked him twice, he has not answered that one. I don’t think he is avoiding the question, he just does not seem to be interested in answering it.

As much as I am excited about being towards the top of the list, I am not sure it is a “live” website. I think it just has code that is running and pulling info, but no one actually hangs around there. The forums have been broken for months. I told the owner and he responded with “thanks for letting me know.” But they are still broken. The most recent forum activity was 3 months ago.

The owner has ignored other requests I have made in the past concerning that site and the main Podcast Pickle site. Though he seems to really want to build his empire, he lets lots of little things slip through his fingers.

I am kind of hoping he will see this post and maybe something will be done to clean up the ChurchPodcasts site so that it is usable again. Direct messages to him have not worked.

He did see this post (as you can see in the comments) and we are working on getting things worked out so that the forums are up and running again. If you can’t be heard in one way, make noise in another. By the way, I am sure that he quickly knew about my post by way of RSS that was mentioned previously. Before RSS, the only way he would have seen this post is either stumbling by or someone pointing it out to him. That is the power of RSS.

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  1. The answer to your question is simple. On every podcast page on churchpodcasts.com there is a button to add a podcast to your favorites list. The podcast that has been chosen the most times as a favorite is number 1 on the list. To be honest I forgot about your email saying the forums are down. I will get on that thanks. Thanks

  2. [I edited p. Dilly’s post so that it is more general]

    Thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to having the ChurchPodcasts.com forum up and running again.

    Also, thanks for the explanation on how one climbs in rank on the top 100 list. Since I only have 3 people who have “favorited” me, then the other podcasts must be in sad shape. And I am one of my own favorites.

  3. I only get referenced that people are talking about me if they ping (hot link) the website, not through my RSS, is there a feature I am not using?

    BTW 2 of the 6 Google ads are for Mormons

  4. I only get referenced that people are talking about me if they ping (hot link) the website, not through my RSS, is there a feature I am not using?

    I suspect he got notified because I did link to his website.

    Though, in one of my previous RSS reader softwares, there was a way to give it a search term and it would ping a certain aggregator that would build a custom feed for you based on the words you wanted. I am not finding that right off. I believe it was a service of one site that you could subscribe to the special feed, it was not actually part of my reader software, they just made it easy to do.

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