Missionary Talks 27: Don Carney

Each episode of Missionary Talks has its own flavor and means something to me in a “behind the scenes” kind of way. Some of the missionaries I have interviewed have been people I have never met. Most of them, however, are friends of mine. Some of them are very good friends.

The interview with Don Carney is definitely in the category of good friends. Bro. Carney has become a great counselor to our family as well as providing just some good friendship. Though he and his wife are the age of my parents, we are able to see each other as peers. He comes to me for advice and opinion on some things, and I go to him A LOT for advice and help in issues that we deal with daily.

The Carneys have been in Mexico for 15 years and have had many experiences as missionaries. In this interview Don shares with us a tremendous story of how a man came to Christ by reading a Bible which was tossed in the garbage.

I don’t know exactly what will come of this, but after our conversation the other day, I told him I enjoyed it so much that I would like to record a conversation weekly and make a podcast out of it. He has no real clue as to what all that means, but he agreed to do it. Because we both will be traveling at different times over the next couple of months, I may record some with him and with other missionaries locally until we can get together on a weekly basis. Good times!

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