Here is a site that offers hotel reservations and discounts. You can put in your destination and dates along with how many people will be staying at the hotel, or how many rooms you need. Then the search results give you two different lists. The first list are the hotels that have discounts available through for your stay and the second list gives you the hotels in the area who don’t have special rates, but which you might be interested in knowing.

The interface is straightforward and I was able to easily find hotels in my home town. They also give you information on hotels in the surrounding area.

A short list of amenities can be seen at the results page. Some hotels will have Internet access or complimentary meals. It is easy to see what is available from that initial results screen. When you choose a hotel to get further information, you are presented with more photos of the property as well as extended information about the services available. Area attractions are listed as well along with their distance from the hotel. There is a “5 Star” system that the patrons can use rate a hotel based on their experiences.

Their advertised rates are very reasonable. There is a local hotel with which I have negotiated prices before. advertises an even greater rate than I was able to secure when booking 25 rooms! They guarantee that you will not find a lower rate. If you do, they will either refund you the difference or cancel your reservations without charge so that you can book at the lower rate.

One of the great features that I enjoyed about the site is their Destination Guide. You can select the area of the world to which you are traveling and then choose the country. Within the country section you will find information about travel requirements, i.e., whether you need shots or need to apply for a visa prior to your trip. There is a ton of valuable information available within the Destination Guide.

You can book car rentals and complete vacation packages at the site as well.

Don’t want to book on-line? They have toll free numbers in the US, Canada, Australia and several European countries.

Make a Hotel Reservation with them the next time you need to book a hotel.

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