Grammar Girl in the NY Times

Grammar Girl has been in the newspaper a lot recently. She also appeared on Oprah not long ago. I have seen video clips of her on local and national news shows. She is getting around.

The point of this post is to show how that podcasters are being heard. I know some of our productions are only being listened to by family and friends. And, if you are doing it because you want to produce content, then that is perfectly fine. Others are producing shows to be heard or seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Grammar Girl is one of them.

The New York Times article is about her audio book that she released a few weeks ago. It really has nothing to do with podcasting, rather about how quickly an audio book can be produced.

I think it is a good thing that the article does not focus on her as a podcaster and what a podcast is. That is certainly necessary at times. But, in this case, the article gets beyond the “how” and focuses on the “what” she is doing. Or, as it is here, on the fact that the content can be produced by an author in a short period of time.

Even better would be if the article was just a straight promotion of her book. It essentially is that, but it is shrouded in something newsworthy.

Congrats once again to Grammar Girl for putting podcasters in a good light.

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  1. What I need is a publishing company that will compile my blog into a book. In that case, I am done with my book up through today. Volume 2 starts tomorrow.

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