Is it hot, or is it just you?

Our daughter came over to me today and wanted me to hold her. She is not normally the cuddly type who just wants to be held. But, it was hot and she was probably just tired (I thought). We ate lunch at church and she asked to be allowed to lay down for a nap. She is 3 years old and actually does ask for a nap sometimes voluntarily.

Since it was 102 degrees outside today, that did not seem too odd. We don’t have air conditioning at the church.

We finished church and came home this afternoon. I was lounging (napping) in my hammock pretending to watch Tiger beat the rest of the field for his 57th career win. While sleeping through the last couple of holes, my wife came in and said that the day was not just hot, but the baby was hot. She had just deposited her lunch on the furniture downstairs. My wife was bringing her up to the bathroom to hose her down.

Fortunately it took me too long to figure out what was going on to be able to help much with the clean up. I got the duty of making sure the water got turned off in the bathtub while my wife got the messy job downstairs.

Good thing I can fake being asleep real well.

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