Missionary Talks 24: Sherry Rovirosa

This interview with Sherry Rovirosa is a little late in coming in that I missed the last 2 Mondays with a new interview. I had hoped to have it up this last Monday, but we did not get a chance to sit down and talk until Tuesday morning. Because I knew she was packing up the family right now to move to the field, we really focused on what kinds of things are an issue for her at this time. Particularly as a mother. It was very insightful and I think can be helpful to others who will be packing up to head to the mission field in the future.

We recorded this in the living room with cars going by outside plus my 2 kids playing and banging around. I was able to edit most of the extraneous noise out, but not all of it. The sound quality starts off a bit rough, but then settles down afterwards. That is typical of my interviews though.


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