First six miles on the new shoes

Yesterday I ran my 5K loop. It was a pretty good pace for someone who oNew Balance 857verdid his long run on Saturday. The shoes were very comfortable.

They felt light. The Nikes I had been running in for the past 460 miles have always felt heavy. I compared them with my old shoes and they felt about the same just by feel. But when wearing them, they always felt heavy. I think I now know why. These New Balance 857s are very wide. I bought 11.5 EEEE. They were actually wide enough for my feet. And, they feel light. Again, I compared them to my Nikes and they feel about the same in my hands. So it must just be that because they are not tight across the toes, they feel lighter.

They also felt a bit rigid from heel to toe. They are a stability shoe. I presume that this is the cause of the stiff (ish) feeling to them. It seems that they are keeping my feet from rolling to the inside of my foot as I pass through my step from heel (or mid-foot) to toe. I assume that is a good thing.

Both of these aspects were noticeable enough that I felt them and were surprised by them again this morning as I ran my next 3 miles in them.

I plan another short run tomorrow in them. I will take Thursday off. They Friday I will do a 6+ mile run in them. That should be enough information for me to know how I like them. I doubt I will be sending them back though. My friend that brought them down is leaving Saturday morning. So the possibility of exchanging them for any reason leaves with him.

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